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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Cyclic group in pivot chart as conditional dimension


I´m trying to use a cyclic group in a pivot table that has lot´s of fields all enabled as conditional dimensions. But if I now to the same with my cyclic group its not possible to change between the fields of the cyclic group.


Does anybody have any suggestions why it´s not working or how I can make it working?

Best regards


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see attachment

I suppose you have to use the group name (Time) in your expression Substring......, not the dimension (TransactionDate)


I don't think I understand what you're trying to do. Are you trying to create a dynamic cyclic group? That can't be done using the conditional expression for the cyclic group column.

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Yes, that is what I wanted to do: A cyclic group combined with a conditional expression so that it will only appear if you mark "TransactionDate" in the Listbox. At the same time it´s a pivot table. And it can´t be done, right? Hm, that would have been a nice option to do.