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Difference between Macro Name and Edit Module


What is the difference between the macro name and Edit Module in Button Properties please?

I created a macro called test..vbs, then i enter this name in the macro name in the Button Properties. However, it seems when I click on the Button, it is still executing the macro created in the Edit Module. Any advise please?

Thanks very much!

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Edit Module - is the Area/Location where we are going to write the Scripts (either VBScript/JScript).

Macro Name - Here we are assigning the "script function name" which needs to be execusted when the button has clicked.


Under Edit Module, the script is as follows:

Sub ClearVariable()

       ActiveDocument.Variables("vTestvariable").SETCONTENT 0,TRUE

End sub

here Macro name is ClearVariable.

I hope you understand now.

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Thanks very much.

So, if my script is saved as C:\Qlikview\Scripts\AutoChart..vbs

How do I enter this is the Macro Name please?

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When we insert the .vbs file from your location (C:\Qlikview\Scripts\AutoChart..vbs) to "Edit Module" area (Under Edit module, Edit -> Inser file) we can see the funciton names and it's content. So, After this, we can enter the Macro name.

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Here another possibility: http://community.qlik.com/thread/1960

- Marcus