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Specialist III
Specialist III

Display all dimension value in a line chart

Hi all,

I have a line chart. When i select january to july, the dimension date shows only until  24/04. For show until 25/07, i have to increase the width or enable X axis scrollbar. But i want to keep the same size and disable X axis scrollbar.

I cant' remember how to fix this.



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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Hi Jean,

Just made a sample test data here, and without any filters it shows me all days on my datamodel (just made a model from April to July and the expression is just sum(value) for dummy data), so i'm assuming that either your data is being filtered to only show those days, or you're limiting that on the chart elsewhere (through set analysis on the expression or something like that).

Other possible hole is that your data doesn't have all days as rows, so when you apply the expression, it creates "gaps" for your days, they're not continuous on your chart.

Try creating a bar chart from scratch and use the same expression and see the result.

My example gave me the following:


That's one ugly chart on my opinion, since plotting all the days will get some really bad interpretation, I'd advise using the x-scroll bar for 30+ results.

I wouldn't be able to tell which point of the chart is for which day, but that's me .

Hope it helps.



two options to show all values without scroll bar or increasing the chart width would be to either

- switch to continuous dimension axis (your dates have to have a numeric value to be able to check this option):



- check the "Show All Bars" option (you have to temporarily switch to bar chart type to activate this option. After applying it you can switch back to line chart.)


hope this helps



Specialist III
Specialist III

Thanks Felip and Marco for your answers. But when i want check "Show all bars", it's disable.


I have 4 expressions, Year N, Year N-1, Year N-2, Year N-3, Year N-4. And if i check, Axis/continuous, i have the following message : "No numeric values on X-axis".


please post a sample application to demonstrate