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Displaying all fields while selectively excluding them in expression?

Hi all - I'm having a hard time right now with the syntax of an expression.  I would like to show a bar graph of countries' imports, but I want to show multiple countries at once, based on users selections.  For each [country] (on the X axis) I would like to have the bars display the total [amount] of money where the [company location] equals the [country].  My Dimension is currently [country].  I originally wrote the expression as follows;

=SUM({<[company location]=[country]>}Amounts)

But I quickly realized this wouldn't work because the set analysis modifier would respond to the user's selections.  Similarly, I can't set the country to disregard users' selections because I need each country's bar to show amounts based on their own country.

Basically, if I select France, the USA, and Germany, I want the graph to display three bars (one for each country) where each bar is;

Sum (Amounts) where Company Location = France

Sum (Amounts) where Company Location = USA

Sum (Amounts) where Company Location = Germany

Is there a way to do this, or am I going to need to make a separate expression for every country?

(Edit for clarity)

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