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Creator II
Creator II

Do Named User CALs take a Document CALs assignment too?

Hi All,

Question in regards to Qlikview Management Console.

We have 30 Document CALS & 5 Named User CALS.

Unfortunately I can only assign 25 of the Document CALS.

Is this because the Named User CALS also require one of the assigned Document CALs?

Struggled to find any clarification online about this.

Thank you,

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Specialist III
Specialist III


doc cals asre assigned at document level in the qmc. they don't interfere with named cals.

verify the number of doc cals on the qmc

try to use power Tools to list the number of doc cals


Once, you assign Named CALs, the user can open as many as documents they have authorised to !!!


Concurrent License = Named User CAL? | Qlik Community

Specialist III
Specialist III

oups . i didn't read all the post.

if doc cals are missing, it may be because you deleted document on which doc cals were assigned.

you have to restore the .qvw, (or try to recreate ne with the same name) delete the licences in the qmc and then delete the doc