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Creator III
Creator III

Does every project should have this structure?

I'm starting a new project at work concerning energy measurements and I was told that I should follow the next structure:

- 1 folder for Data where I have some QVWs with a connection to the server to extract data from tables in database and generate QVDs.

- 1 folder for Stages where I gather the information needed from QVDs and pre-calculate aggregates

- 1 folder for the App where I have the application with all my objects (graphs, tables, etc) using data from Stages.

Is this a good way to build my project? I've been looking some references about this on the Internet but I haven't found much stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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Seems like a reasonable and quite usual approach, if your coping with a project of standard complexity.

There are some few threads here in the forum that discusses similar, like


You can also look into


Hope this helps,