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EXECUTE batch file

Hi Folks, Good Morning..

In the Qlikview script we are doing some validations and any validation got failed we need to send the email notification accordingly. So, we wrote the batch file to send the email notifications with SendEmail.exe application and batch file working fine in the out side qlikview.

I am calling this Batch script by using below command:

    EXECUTE cmd.exe /C Batch_sendEmail.bat;

I turn on the "Can Execute the External Programs" setting as well.

But the above command executed with out error, but didn't send any notifications.

The Batch file script is:

\\fcqlikuat\QVStaging\Test\sendEmail.exe -s uatsmtp -t "%TO%" -f "%FROM%" -u "%SUBJECT%" -m "%BODY%"

Any thoughts why its not sending any notifications ?

Thanks in Advance ....

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