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Failed to Open File in Write Mode

Hello Master,

I reload the script to load the file from MySql and store it into QVD using QlikView Desktop. Before reloading, I check my disk :


After pulling the data several times into QVD, I got this error message :


And I check the disk space :


Drive C was full, even I save the QVD in drive E. Can someone explain, why drive C become full after reloading the data? How to solved beside cleanup C drive and restart?

Thanks Master

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It usually means that the folder you are trying to Store to does not exist.  The Store statement will not create folders, they must preexist.




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Hi Rob,

Actually, the folder has been created. I tried to reload several times and succeed, because the folder has been created. But, after that reloading the data was failed because of that error. Is there the cache that I have to clear in drive C?


Can you post the few lines of the script log where the error occurs, including the Store statement?


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Here is the code :err4.png

Any suggestion, Rob?
I think the drive C was full because of the installation path QlikView Desktop in drive C, am I right?


I was hoping to see the script log, not the script itself.

1. Make sure Document Log is enabled in the Document Properties, General tab.

2. Reload and the log will be in the same directory as the qvw. It will be named the same as the qvw with a .log extension.



Make sure that the USER (or Group the user belongs to) has the rights to write data to the folder where the data is being stored.

I just ran into that scenario today