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Filtering on Calculated Dimension


Just wondering if it is possible to filter on a Calculated Dimension within a straight table?

I have tried clicking on the values in the Calculated Dimension column but have noticed that it instead filters on the other, standard, dimensions in order to make it look like you're filtering on the calculated one. However I want to create a bookmark based on selections made in these Calculated Dimensions, so filtering on other columns won't work as these values may change.

Is it possible to do this at all, or do they just not work in that way?

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I've changed the dimension to be

=Aggr(FirstSortedValue(DISTINCT Owner, -Date), Owner)

and it still seems to be bringing back the right values. Will need to do some more testing, but looks like this lets me select the owner name rather than the associated account number.

But yeah the bit about the bookmark. Say that I wanted to save a bookmark of accounts that I am the latest owner on. With the way the dimension was before i'm actually selecting the account number rather than my name. At the time of creation this wouldn't be a problem but that account could then be owned by someone else. However because my bookmark saves the filtering of the account number rather than my name in the owner field, as soon as there's a change the bookmark is incorrect.


Ok,now I understand the bookmark problem.

One posible solution can be checking the last owner in data, I don't know your data, for my sample it could be:


Acc, Own, Order
1, A, 1
1, B, 2
2, A, 1
3, A, 1
3, B, 2
3, A ,3

LOAD Acc, Own, Order, If(Previous(Acc)=Acc, 0, 1) as isLastOwner
Resident table1 Order By Acc Asc, Order Desc;

DROP table table1;

Then you can create a simple table chart using Acc and Own as Dimensions (directly, wothout calculated dimensions) and check the isLastOwner flag, in example:

If(Sum(isLastOwner)>0, Sum(Order))

Hope this helps!