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For discussion: Inputfields and simulations

Hi everyone

The users of my QlikView application are examining the chance of using QlikView to do simulations for What-If scenarios. For one particular application in shipping, users want to be able to change the estimated spending field for various expenses and to see how these revisions affect the budget.

I have experimented a couple of times with an input box but it seems like one must use inputfield when loading in the script. As my script is reloaded every evening, I am unsure as to how to handle an inputfield in a table as the row numbers are changing all the time. My table has fields like:

_KEY, G/L account, Estimated spending, Budget, Actual

My solution would call for inserting an inputfield called "Estimated spending revised" which can be used as a basis for calculating other information and trust to the unique key to keep track of an input field.

Does anyone have experience or am developing apps with inputfields or simulations?

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Exact, I remember that I saw something on the non reset of inputfields...

Am I wrong ? Should not they be reset ?


No, the input fields retain their values. There was another post which suggested to seth the field to NULL first while loading the data.

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I didn't really understand that post. Ii thought that only worked with variables. I'm not sur that I understand it correctly because I can't get that to work. For me it creates a new variable instead.