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G maps API v3 P2P directions problems

Hi all,

i'm experiencing some problems with the Google Maps API extension. i have made some edits to it (the color of the lines is the result of a formula in the script). i have also attached the extension and the application with reduced data.

im using the map (analysis sheet) to perform to actions.

1. draw the route between 2 points

2. colour the route relative to performance using stroke color function.

the routes are always drawn and coloured correctly however the map seems to rarely focus on the points. i thought what should happen for example is i select route x. the map then shows me said route. what actually happens however (intermittently but more often than not) the map focuses on some where in portugal. it does look as though it calculates and shows the route at first but then refreshes away but im not 100% sure of that as its generally pretty quick.

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