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Generic Load with multiple Columns


Is there a way to generic load multiple columns? We know that generic load works on 3 columns(Key,Attribute,value).

How can we load if we have multiple attributes and values in the same table?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Couldn't you repeat the generic load for each wanted attribute-value area and join them afterwards to a single-table. Instead of several generic loads it might be easier to concatenate all of your data-area to a three-column single-table. Before that I would check if I really need such a data-structure or if there are other possible solutions.

- Marcus


Hi Marcus,

I am trying to join multiple generic load on different attributes,but it is showing illegal identifier. could you please suggest on the same.

my script is as below,

Set vListOfTables = ;

For vTableNo = 0 to NoOfTables()

Let vTableName = TableName($(vTableNo)) ;

If Subfield(vTableName,'.',1)='GenericLabel' Then

Let vListOfTables = vListOfTables & If(Len(vListOfTables)>0,',') & Chr(39) & vTableName & Chr(39) ;

End If

Next vTableNo


generic Load distinct KEY,BreakSeqNo,RATE Resident TestCross;
 generic Load distinct KEY,BreakSeqNo,ToRange Resident TestCross;

For each vTableName in $(vListOfTables)

Left Join (CombinedGenericTable) Load * Resident [$(vTableName)];

Drop Table [$(vTableName)];

Next vTableName

and this script work fine with single generic load