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Get the growth rate per year and item

Hello everyone

This really thought it was something simple to create, but I've run into wall

I have flat table with year, level, item and amount

What I need is the growth rate a year against the first has been selected

In the Excel file, it is an example of exactly what I want to get,

In the "E" column I get the amount of the previous year of the same item,

and the "F" column is the desired result, the growth rate

I tried several options without success

I welcome your comments or suggestions and thanks in advance

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Master III
Master III

Hi Victor,

see attchment.



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Hello Antonio

Thanks for your answer, is a good solution to the specific problem, but what happens when you take a range of 10 years or more?

It occurs to me according to your solution, transpose information from the database (in QV I think it would take much time to process the information and my DB has nearly 5 million records) and so it would be easier for QV calculations.

If someone has another idea is welcome