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Getting Pagination to work with ElasticSearch

Hi All,

I am new to ElasticSearch

I have connected to ElasticSeach and have been able to retrieve the first 10,000 records. I then started looking at the pagination settings to get it to bring back multiple sets of 10,000 records, but when I attempt this I get the total number of records back in the form of the first 10,000 over and over.

I am unsure as to which setting I should be  using. I tried Offset, but was unable to find the offset and limit headers within the structure. I then looked the Next URL and Token options. Again nothing.

I am contemplating writing a custom script using a for loop, but I have seen some posts of people failing to get this working.

The question is, should I be using Offset, Next URL, Next Token options or is my only option to attempt a custom script?

This is the structure of what I get returned










and then source being all the data fields.

Any help or examples would be grateful. 

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Hi !

Did you resolve your issue?

I am trying to use custom pagination to retrieve data from elasticsearch but I am facing an issue. ..

if you have some useful information about it i'am really interested.

thanks in advance

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Trying to solve this problem of Custom Pagination with Elastic search. There isn't enough documentation from Qlik's side on this.

I am using Qlik Sense Feb 2018 release.

I tried using the scroll API but also didn't work. Got these weird

Select statement parser error at (,): Multi-line literals are not supported errors.

Currently I am pulling a day's record and concatenating in in a QVD. Is there a better way to do this? Can someone from Qlik please have a documentation around pulling data and Paginating from Elastic Search please.

Thant would be super helpful. Thank you!