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Contributor III

Governance Dashboard Error Reloading QlikView


I have the Governance Dashboard running in QlikView since a couple of years. Reload time usually takes around 17 mins to complete and it shows 15 months of history. The thing is that since last Wednesday 04/05, it takes only 15 seconds to reload and it shows the following legend. As far as I know, there were no changes in the server.

Invalid Configuration
File directory does not exist, cannot be reached, or is empty.
Please validate path: \\SRV-QLV03-ADM\QlikView\2-STG
NOTE: If you are referencing a UNC share, you must point to a subfolder within the UNC root and not directly to the root folder.


Do you know what could it be? I'm using Governance Dashboard 2.0.1.

Thanks in advance!



This is what I have on my Configuration tab:


Maybe the multiple file paths to scan in the second input could be the issue? It always been like that.

\\SRV-QLV04-ADM\QlikTech\Documents| \\SRV-QLV03-ADM\QlikView\1-DATA | \\SRV-QLV03-ADM\QlikView\2-STG | \\SRV-QLV04-ADM\QlikView\APP_PUB

Or how would you add multiple folders?

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Hello ,

1. Please review the link below on configurations.
2. I would download the latest version (2.1400) from the Qlik Down load site.