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Hard Cross table to load

Hi Community,

I have some problems in loading a Excel file that holds a complicate crosstable.. In fact, I have in the first column nouns of OPCVMs, whitch devided by category (OPCVM Monétaire, OPCVM OCT,...). Plus, each other field is a Date that Qlikview note recognize as date

I try with macros to change my excel file, but no way

many thanks in advance!


Mohamed Ali

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Hello Mohamed Ali,

It is easy to see why that spreadsheet presented some challenges but I think I have something for you.  There were 4 tabs in the spreadsheet, but only tabs [Lib] and [Pf] seemed to relate to the cross tables.  I imported the first tab [Lib] for you into a sample application.  You can follow these techniques to get the second tab [Pf] sorted out.  (Also, I noticed that there were cells of data way off to the right sometimes, if possible you may want to clear out all cells outside of the data area you want to render)

It looked like your dates were coming in as a numeric values stored as a text() data type.  To convert to the proper format they had to go from Text to Number using Num#() and then wrapped in Date() - i.e.   Date(Num#(Date),'MM/DD/YYYY')

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Hello Evan !
This is a great job i found, i succed to load the "Pf" file following the script you wrote, and its works ... Thanks a lot for your disponibility and your generosity

Best Regards

Mohamed Ali