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Help with column operation

Hi people !! in this attachment, I have marked in yellow the rows with formula that I need to apply in QV, someone could tell me exactly how to do this in QV? 

Thank you very much!

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Master II
Master II


Seems there is no yellow   marks in the file.

Anyway, it would be a challenge to tell you exactly since there is no context.

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Sorry, I'm sending the excel file again.. look the yellow rows. Thanks !!!


It is difficult to calculate but by making formula in straight table may be trick for this. And also with the help of variables you can do this very easy.

Master II
Master II

Since it doesn't add any context, I'll answer in general.

You can't do calculations with separate cells in QV. But you can transform the logic and apply it to the entire table to get the desired result.

The exact depends on the data structure you already have (if so) and the other requirements that you have (if so).

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The context is a little complicated.. can you add me as a friend? So I could send you a private message with full data... thanks!!!