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Hierarchy in a List Box. Issue while trying to Make both Select in Field and Activate Sheet active.


I have a hierarchy within my list box and I would like to do three things - (Please find the attached qvw file)

1. Feature 1 - Button/Text Box that takes the user to individual sheets which depict values in the hierarchy Call B/Call C (Main Sheet)

Achieved by Activate Sheet action in the text boxes

2. Feature 2 - Highlight the chosen option(B/C) in the hierarchy such that the user knows where he is currently (B highlighted in B's Page, C Highlighted in C's Page) (Sheet 2 and 3)

Achieved by creating a variable which is set everytime the buttons are clicked. Along with a trigger for the variable with 'Select in Field' Action

3. Feature 3 - In Sheet 2 and 3 i.e sheets dedicated to B and C I would like the user to have the opportunity to move from Sheet 2 to 3 and back

This can be achieved by enabling 'Always one option chosen' from the list box properties and setting a trigger (with activate sheet action) for the 'PageLink' variable.

But if 2 is working 3 isn't. I am only able to make one of them work at a time.

Could you please help me resolve this? or suggest a different solution ?

Thank you.

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