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How to apply a theme

Hi All,

I'm developing an application, similar to "Retail Store Performance" Demo.

I would like to use the same theme, is there any How To / Help in applying a theme.


Aswinkumar B

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in the Retail Store Performance you can go to the document properties -> Layout -> Theme maker.

from there you can generate a theme file which you can later on apply to your document from document properties -> Layout -> apply theme.

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If you want to apply a theme just go to the layout tab click on apply theme.

if you want to apply it whole document just go to the document properties there you can find the apply theme, but if you have any existing themes then only you can apply. or else you need to create a theme using theme maker

Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Bantu,

You can apply theme over the document as well as on any particular object.

Document Apply Theme:

Document Properties > Layout > Apply Theme...

Object Apply Theme:

Object Properties > Layout > Apply Theme...

Note: First of all you must have to make a theme using Theme Maker under the Layout tab.

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed