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How to copy paste from Excel to Qlikview

Hi All,

I have a requirement where end user would like to Copy two columns with about 500 rows worth of data from excel to Qlikview.

What are the solutions available for the same ?

Loading data from Excel is not an option as amount of excel files and format with similar data is diverse.

What is the easiest way to allow end user to copy paste from Excel to Qlikview ?

Thanks in advance



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Master II
Master II

go to edit script --> insert-->load statement-->load inline-->pop up the window inline data wizard-->paste your column here one by one

then ok

and on F1 side Write your Column name and same for other column

then reload it hope it helps


You cannot copy data from excel into qlikview. You will have to load the data from the excel file using a load statement in the script. In the file wizard you can select only those columns from the excel file you need.

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Are there any Macros/plugins  available of some sort , which can help us develop the same ?