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How to create a view between two date feilds from different colums

Hi, I have a table which is based on projects which are being undertaken, I have a whole range of data, the projects have a start date in one column and an end date in another column.

Is there an easy way to select to show data based on an input to show what projects where current at the input date selected or between a period of time with a start and end date.

E.g.. I want to see all projects that were being worked on from Dec 2015 to Feb 2016.  So the Start date must be up to and including the 28/2/2016 from the Start Date field and The End Date must be after and including the 1/12/2015 from the end date field.

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Something like:



Hi Adam,

can you give sample data so that i could help

we can solve this  by interval match concept.