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How to delete records from a qvd which is done incremental load

Hi Team,

We have a process which will create report every month .we built incremental load logic and data is storing into a single QVD for every QVD refresh .But some times customer will come back and ask us to delete some records from the input file and want the output in qlikview without the deleted data.Since data is coming from single qvd deleted records will be still showing in qlikview because during first time load it was loaded to the same qvd.

Let me know is there any way of deleting the data from the front end of qlikview.

Thanks and regards

Sreehari Satheesan

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If your deleted records are based on some condition

Create a one time application and in script use your QVD to load a table .

you can use where clause to ignore the records which are deleted


if EMPL_ID 1,2,3,4 and time updateDate 20/03/2015 .

so give this condition in where clause.

Now you have a table in qlikview which is not having deleted records from source. Now you can store the table in same QVD so data will be replaced (first try with sample QVD dont replace original before testing)