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How to display Label Name In Current Selections Box


I am facing problem with Current Selection Box. I want to display Title in Current Selection Box instead of Field Name. I know with Text Object but my client is not accepting Text box.

My requirement:

I have Selected a value in Product Category List box.  I want to display the Label name instead of Product Category in current selections box.




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Creator II
Creator II


you can't do that. current selection box will show only the field name. Not the list box's label name. I think you need to modify the field name in the script while loading.

it is a good practice to rename all the fields to readable form in the final application.


Prabhu Appu

Contributor III
Contributor III


I don't quite understand why should rename all my fields in "user readable" format. What is the use of labels for then? 🙂

I also was expecting to have the label shown as part of the current selection. I even tried by using a Master Dimension, but it still shows the field name. There are plenty of reasons why I would use a different label for the same field depending on the context, so yeah, it's quite disappointing to see that this is not supported.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Try this,

='Director :'&Concat(DISTINCT Director,','&chr(13))&' '&chr(13)& 'Title : '&Concat(DISTINCT Title,',')