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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to reduce QVW file size without loosing data

Hi all i have a QVW file of 507 mb and i have to reduce size of it without loosing data so i created another copy of it and took the binary of first one as i don't have its data model and tried to drop unused fields and tables but it reduced to 483 mb. Is there any other way to reduce the application size?

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without knowing the data model and how it was created, it is hard to make suggestions

below is a thread regarding a similar issue that was resolved with the data model

Trick to Reduce QVW File Size


you can also do a search on the community for 'reduce qvw size' for other ideas as well

Specialist III
Specialist III


This really is a balancing act.  Qlik works optimally with large fact tables and less hops between data.  If you are willing to sacrifice performance, you could normalize your data model and reduce the columns in your large fact tables.  We have a fact table with 90 million rows, so reducing even 1 column would make a big difference.

Curious, why do you think your app size it too big?  Is it slow?

Maybe you just need more memory in your desktop.  We have 32 GB of ram and the difference between performance with 16 and 32 GB is night and day. 


I found this old thread with some really practical advice from Qlik Community Legend John Witherspoon.  I am making note of this decision tree for future reference.

left join VS keeping table seperate (normalized vs denormalized)