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How to schedule Table export to CSV with QV server


We are using qlikview QDS to schedule our reloads. That works great.

But as part of the reloads, we want to automatically export a table to CSV file.

The Macro is in place and in a manual or batch reloads it works. But not through server reloads.

Because of dependency we need some way to synchronize with the server reloads.

Any idea how to solve this ?

Is there a way to trigger a window batch from the server after a reload ?

Windows scheduler can use events for triggering, but then I need to send an event from the QDS for this specific QVW refresh....


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A table from the data model you can export in script with store command. If you have the publisher you can use supporting task or add one task in the task chain behind you're task which opens the document with script command execute (open qvw use on open trigger and close). I am not sure if there is not a macro trigger you can use also on server, some thing like after reload.

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Thanks Jonas, Much appreciated.

However, its not a plain table, I need to construct it from several fields. Maybe I'll try to create it a as join ?

I do not have a "publisher" so no triggers as far as I know.

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I had the same Problem.
You have to start your QV-Application in SilentMode. You must create a cmd-file and put it into the Task Planner.

The cmd-fiel must content:

"D:\YourPathToExe\QV.exe" /r "D:\YourApp.qvw"


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If you are familiar with some developing language you can solve writing a Windows Service that call Ocx. Inside code you can use SDK of Qv and manupulate objects as you like.