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Creator III
Creator III

How to show less value bar along with Forced 0 in Axis...?

Hello every one,

We have a bar chart where the we are calculating the variance  between the bars.

last 2 months data along with the current month will be displayed at a time.

Values are in Millions for the remaining bars where as one bar with just 103 count its laying on the Y axis ,

its very difficult to observe the bar in the first glance.

and we are not allowed to remove the Forced 0  ( Properties - Axis ) option which is alternate for this issue.

is there any other alternate to achieve this.

It will be great if any one comes with an approach.

attaching the sample Qvw and Source file.



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May be change the axis (From Left to Right) for one of the bar, the information might be skewed, but you may be able to force a maximum for the axis.


Something like this


Creator III
Creator III

Thank you Sunny for the Work around ,

here in your example : the second expression always take the Right side axis ,

if we get always small values in the second bar this method is Perfect.

But In my situation the values in the second bar varies from Millions to hundreds for different selections.

So I want the Scale also take the appropriate values as per the bar values.

Any Idea for this.


Can you share an example of your situation?

Creator III
Creator III

Hello Sunny ,

Please find the Attached Sample Qvw and Excel file.


Probably use a Offset number to bring it to a range, As example below

If(Sum(FieldValue)>=1000000,Num(Sum(FieldValue)/1000000,'#,##0 M'),Num(Sum(FieldValue)/1000,'#,##0 K'))

Although you might want to inform the Users for the same