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Inputfield issue

So I have a dashboard that I am utilizing inputfield function.

However, when I pull it into a straight table, it is splitting the total for that input field based on the subdimensions.

To explain further -

Inputfield -Length

InputBox - Quantity

Straight table has the following info:

Product Name | Length | Expression ($ Total Sales)

A |user enters: 100 | (Length * Price/Ft * Qty) = Total Sales

B |user enters: 10 | same as above

But what is happening is there is a sub-dimension of each product - Customer(which is not pulled into the table).  So when I enter a Total Value for Length, it is splitting this value equally among this sub-dimension.

Product A (in table 3 customers buy it - so it is entering ,33,33,33 as the length for the customers).

How do I avoid that? I want that Length number to be equal among all customers.

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Hi, can you use inputbox for length as well?

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So I used a set expression Inputsum(Length,'='), and it made it equal to others.  However, now its showing a multiple of the entered amount in the total section.

And Length is a dynamic variable - so cant have Inputbox unfortunately.

Creator III
Creator III

you should create a unique field for each row to avoid this for example use rowno function in your script to to unique each row.