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Last 6 Week Commence Cycle ?

Hi All,

I have tried a lot to achieve this but didnt able to get to the solution, so here asking for your help

My requirement is i need to create a Straight Table with Dimensions on the Left and one column with the Aggregated Data of the Last 6 weeks and the next columns comes up every week as shown in the attached file.

My problem is that i am unable to configure the expression aggreagtion for the last 6 weeks dynamically

In my script i have got data as shown below

Week NoStartWeek
Week 3203/08/2015
Week 3310/08/2015
Week 3417/08/2015

and so on....

Now for my Week 32 --> i need to get the Last 6 weeks starting from that week (03/08/2015)

Now for my Week 33 -- > i need to get the Last 6 weeks starting from that week (10/08/2015)

Using the resultant Week i need to use them in my set analysis to aggregate the data using >= and <=

I hope i am clear on the question ? Please let me know if any further info is required !!!

Waiting for your reply

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