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Limiting Access Enterprise wide application

Hi All,

I haven't used Qlikview in nearly a year, but we are working on spinning it up again (my previous employer was bought, and I finally got the new company's attention regarding Qlik). I'm quite rusty, and couldn't answer HOW we would go about this particular problem. One of the questions that was asked was essentially, if we create a dashboard for the sales team (who would likely access the dashboard via web), how can we limit them to seeing only their specific data? 

So we would like to create one dashboard enterprise wide for the entire sales team. But we would prefer that when Billy in Ohio logs in, he will only be able to see data for his sales pipeline, and Jimmy in Arizona can log into the same dashboard and see his data only.

I'd prefer to not have to create the same app 200 times, rename each one for each user, and use set analysis to limit the data that way.

Please note that there has not yet been any development on this dashboard yet.


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

This could be reached per Section Access.

- Marcus