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Name CAL

What is Name CAL and how does it work.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Hasan,

Kindly find the attached file which contains details of all the CAL's.


I hope it will help you .





Named User CAL
A Named User CAL is mandatory when deploying a QlikView Server (SBE or EE) solution. A Named User CAL (an identified user on a server) has access based on user identity and is valid for all documents on the server, therefore any number of concurrent sessions from one user on one machine at any time is allowed.

Basically a named CALS is one user/machine that can open as many sessions (applications) as they want without even being denied access. To reassign a named CALs you have to wait 24 hours after its last use. They can be assigned dynamically, which means that if a user enters and there is an unused named CAL then the user will be assiged that named CAL. You can also assign them dynamically.