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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need Help in Building KPIs

Hi Folks am new to Qlik and am trying out some practise exercises and trying to build the below KPIs.

1. If a state has a total quantity greater than 5000, categorize it as "Great". If it has a total quantity greater than 1000, categorize it as "Good". Categorize all other states as "Needs Improvement". How many states fall into the "Good" category?

--- For this one I Was able to build a chart that catgorizes the items.

But for the last part, ie Number of states falling into Good category, I am thinking of displaying it in a text object, but not able to build an expression 😞

2. What is the percent of total sales for the Tables subcategory? How does this compare to Chairs?

-- In which form do we display this and how?

3. How many orders were returned in February of 2016? What were the sales and profits associated with these returned orders?

4. Show the cities we sell to in Texas by their total gross sales. What are my top two cities by gross sales? What are my bottom two?

5. Display some Year over Year KPIs.

Please help on how we can achieve this

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Here you go


While we teach we learn
Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


can you share your sample QVW ?


Contributor III
Contributor III

I don't have one yet. Just the data set is available.

Former Employee
Former Employee

I would suggest having a look at the demo site applications for ideas and the other place to look would be the Design Blog area of Community:

The Design Blog link is the top level with a search dialog to help you find pertinent posts that may help you move things forward.  The demo site has quite a few apps as well that you should be able to download and look over for ideas.


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