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Need to display negative values of Bar chart in staright table(Web Mode)

Hi Qlikview Experts,

I'm trying to display positive and negative bars in straight table(Using Linear Gauge).

Its coming fine in Qlikview Desktop,

But in web mode ,alignment is not fine as expected.

Some red lined outline is coming on negative bar chart.

In Web mode:

In Normal Mode:

Data Used in Script:

Name, Sales
Product1, 10%
Product2, 90%
Product3, -10%
Product4, -50%
Product5, -90%
Product6, -120%
Product7, 60%

Dimension used in straight table is Name

Expressions used are 4

1st Exp:=if(sum(Sales)<0,sum(Sales))

2nd Exp: =if(sum(Sales)<0,1+sum(Sales))    (Linear Gauge)

Gauge settings:

Visual Clue settings:

3rd Exp:=if(sum(Sales)>0,sum(Sales))   (Linear Gauge)

4th Exp: =if(sum(Sales)>0,sum(Sales))

2 Replies

It's a bug, I think..

Straight Table mini charts

Not applicable

Same issue is replicating in the given link also.