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Does someone of you have experience with creating open order (all open order positions) and backorder (= all open/not fully shipped) order positions, which should have been shipped already according to the planned shipping date (which should be not bigger than the selected date)) values in QlikView, based on SAP-Data?

I need both KPIs per Day, per Month (accumulated acc. to selected date) and per Year (also accumulated to selected date) - for the actual and previous year.

First I tried to take the SAP table VBUP, which shows if a order is completed or not - but this table does not contain historical data --> so I always do get Zero as open order value for the previous year, because sometimes each order is completed and gets Status C in VBUP. I am also not happy with table VBFA.....

At the moment I think it might be possible comparing the selected date (e.g. 18.05.2016) with the order creation date and a delivery/invoice creation date. So if the order creation date and the delivery/invoice creation date is bigger than the selected date, these orders should not be taken into consideration.

I would be very thankful if someone has further ideas (concerncing which sap tables to take etc.) or ideas how to set up the formula definition...

Thank you a lot in advance!

Best regards,


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