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Show Name above of Dimension in Table

Hi All,

In attached file, I have to show "Goods Entered " name in above of Quantity and Value Dimension.

Actually "Goods Entered" a simply a name that i want to add above dimension but Quantity and Value are the dimension of table.

Please tell how to write it above of dimension.



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There is no direct way in chart properties to get your required look and feel. But you can add the text object on top of the chart and get that look & feel.


No I want to show it inside the chart because i have to send it by email .



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a workaround would be to work with a valuelist

drawback would be that Revenue collected and Revenue Loss would also have a second row

if you can work with

Goods entered     Goods Cleared   Revenue collected   Revenue loss  Value of goods

Quantity Value     Quantity Value     Quantity Value        Quantity Value Quantity Value

Then you can work with a calculated dimension Valuelist('Goods entered','Goods Cleared','Revenue collected',  'Revenue loss','Value of goods')

You need to adapt the expressions for each column using the valuelist

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Hi Narender,

You can olny do it with text boxes on report, there is no way to do it on chart properties.



You can use a value list, but I prefer to inline load a dimension. Then add this dimension (or the value list) to the pivot table and drag it to the top so that it creates a top row. If you create the correct association with the data model when you do the inline load, then it may be possible to use the expressions without any changes..

If you use a value list, you will have to modify the expressions to evaluate the correct expression under each value list value. This may not perform will in a large model.

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