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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot Table 3rd column with variance/comparison ?

Hello everyone,

I have a pivot table with 1 dimension (year) and 7 expressions.

Thanks to the year dimension, I can easily see the value of each expression divided by the year.

But I also need to build a % variance/comparison. It should be the variation from the prior year to the current year.

Please see the images below:

Original pivot table:



Separate pivot table:



Workaround (separate pivot table is behind the original pivot table):



As mentioned before, 1 dimension:image.png

7 expressions:image.png



Can this value be measured in the same pivot table?

Any help will be useful.

Thanks in advance!

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Oh, I forgot to say something that might be important:


The separate pivot table that compares the years has no dimensions and 7 expressions.

All the expressions have set analysis to calculate the previous year vs current year.

Like this:

sum({< year={'$(=Max(year))'} >}    _volume_tpm)
/sum({<  year={'$(=Max(year)-1)'}  >} _volume_tpm)



Thanks in advance,


Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Luis, I may be missing something here, but I think the Column function may be what you are looking for on this one:


You would just specify the column(x)-column(y) etc...  Not sure if I am missing something or not, hopefully this may be what you need.  I was not sure if you had more years in the table or not as well, but I think you can just put in multiple expressions in that case using the correct column references etc...


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