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Pivot Table - Calendar Month View Show All Values

Calendar Pivot.PNG.png

Hi All,

I am currently working on producing a pivot table 'calendar' to show the volumes shipped by day - as per the above, which shows May 2013 based on selections made.

The dimensions are Week and WeekDay. The expressions are basically as follows;

* day(ShipmentDate)

* 'Qty - ' &sum(ShipmentQuantity)

* 'CBM - '& sum(ShipmentCBM)

* plus a couple of blank expressiosn to help with formatting.

This does exactly as it needs to, unless I make a selection based on another field (e.g. Country), in which case the pivot collapses and only shows dates where the Qty / CBM is not 0. I need the calendar to show all dates for the month/year selected, regardless of whether anything shipped on those days or not.

Is this possible? I've played around with options to show all values / don't suppress nulls etc, but with no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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While loading data, build one more table as


Load ShipmentDate from Table or resident Table;




I know I am reviving an old post, but I need more details on this answer, as I have a similar situation. When I have no dates selected, it looks good. When I make a selection, well, it is not what I want to see. So could someone please elaborate on this answer above?

Calendar Happy.png

(By the way this was inspired by (calendar | Qlik Freak)'s awesomeness, and I learned, through trial and error, that the weekday() function can be in a row of a pivot table but not dragged up to a column. Workaround is to calculate the weekday outside of the chart. The other functions seem just fine.)