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Several people developing on one server

Hello everyone,

In my company, we are 4 people using a server to develop our applications. This server has all the connections to the databases.

I noticed that when we are all working on qlikview : performing extractions, running applications, everything goes very slow and sometimes it bugs.

I am just wondering: how do you do guys ?

It is really annoying, I am trying to work on QV only when I see some of them aren't on server but well, it's not very handy

Thanks for your answer

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Champion III
Champion III

Sounds like you need a more powerful server.

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Hi Bill,

thanks for your answer. What does a more powerful server mean ? A bigger ram ? A bigger CPU ?

thanks again

Specialist II
Specialist II



first things first.

Virtual or Non-Virtual machine? What do you have of OS? CPU? RAM?

Then use the


André Gomes

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Hi Laura,

It is not recommended to share your QVS with others apps. It is better if dedicated to QVS only

As well to access databases, i hope you do not connect to your databases at any time for reload (unless it is necessary for the end user application) but use a connection once to retrieve data into QVD and then uses QVD to reload your QVW

To develop, can't you use a desktop and then deliver applications on server ?

At last, if you don't get better performance, i'm afraid you'll have to increase memory

find attached a piece to calculate memory you need

best regards