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Pivot Table sorting issue



   I trying to sort my Pivot table using Expression option from sort properties but I am not able to achieve what i am looking for.


       I have two fields BPclass code and Unit type, from these I am using only Unit type as a dimension in the table and in pivot table this unit type should be sorted out by using above two fields (not Ascending or Descending order) I am looking for custom sorting like rounded in yellow circle in attached screen (Right side of the screen shot)

Two things,

Here I can not use match or if statements because i have 25 to 30 unit types and codes so i think its difficult. Few more may get  add in future.

I don't want create new concatenated field in the data model because data model is freeze and user's do not want to see the codes in the table.

So do we have any other work around  for this.



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Hi Anil,

Not sure if you've found a solution to this yet as its 2 months old but remember that The dimension or expression you want to sort on needs to be filtered as simple as possible,What is the expression for Unit type? Use that same expression in the expression box,deselect text and state.

If possible,Can you attach the model?I'll have a look and sort it out for you


Specialist II
Specialist II


I didn't understood what is your sorting expression :

is it BP_code & Unit   ?

if it's not descending or ascending sorting,

use function pick() with this expression if you can't modify data model


Specialist II
Specialist II


it's function match :

match(BP_class & Unit, values in order you want,     )

that returns an integer