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Pivot table problem - Time Dimension vs MTD, YTD

Hi Community,

I am trying to create the below chart and I can't make it happen:

TimeDim Vs TimeExp.JPG.jpg

I am facing 3 problems:

  1.The user needs the Market & its Products in one column like above. the first red circle represents the Market and the second circle represents the Products that Market have. How do I show into Pivot table ?

  2. How do I create the MTD & YTD values for Time dimension value ?

  3. Market growth = CURRENT_MONTH/ LASTYEAR_CURRENT_MONTH. How do I calculate this expression if I have the time dimesion ?

Thanks in Advance....

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


you can find a good example in the same community.

A Rapid "Fast Calendar Selections...", a great boost of multi periods analysis! ...

Using a master calendar for "concatenate" function by entering "InWeek, InMonth, InYear etc ...

The objects are functioning.


valerio fatatis - Sebior BI Qlik Specialist