A Rapid "Fast Calendar Selections...", a great boost of  multi periods analysis! ...


    in any "nice dashboard" that respects, can not always be about temporal analysis periods, trends, cumulative deviations, pushups etc etc.

    I made an example that can easily help the exploration of information as "steps and periods" standard, esnza necessarily resorting to the usual questions of type: Number year, Number month, quarter, week ...

    Calling them "fast selection" I made a calendar which propose directly:

    Current Month Current Week Today Current Quarter To Date Yesterday Yaer Previous Week Previous Month Previous Year Quarter Last Year Yesterday Last Week Last Month Last Year Quarter Year Last Year To Date Last Previous Previous Yesterday Last Week Last Month Last Previous Previous Quarter

    In addition un'approfonndimento compared to working days and not, the much sought after "start times" and more.

    good vision






    In the latest version (7) I added a new set of analysis, providing a spatial segmentation, introducing a "target" goal by combining a thematic display in color, restylingng data visualization & attach matrix analysis. Add the period line grafh to Last Period with media trend (thematic color). Personalize the Pivot table with new kpi (avg)...

    In the latest version (13) i fix minor bugs.... ;-)