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Problem to transform an expression into a dimension

Hello Experts QV,

How we could transform an expression into a dimension in order to use it in orhers expressions ?

Specially,  I want to transform this expression if (count(Period_MonthName)>1, MinString(Period_MonthName),Period_MonthName) 

Thanks a lof for your help.

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You enter in a logical loop because expressions are computed on dimension so your expression

if (count(Period_MonthName)>1, MinString(Period_MonthName),Period_MonthName) 

count and extract min values for which dimension?

You can use expressions in dimension but not with aggregate functions ... try to use variables!!!

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Thank you for your feedback.

My dimension is  Period_MonthName ( it's equal to MonthName(Date)).

I have exactly this problem

In a pivot table I have for example

MyMonth => if (count(Period_MonthName)>1, MinString(Period_MonthName),Period_MonthName)   

MyMonth          Applications

July-2011           A01

Feb-2013           A15

July-2011           A02

Feb-2013           A05

March-2013        A02

I want to add a count(Applications) by MyMonth (that is an expression in my case, this is my problem).

The resulat that I want

MyMonth          Count(Applications)

July-2011           2    

Feb-2013           2

March-2013       1

Do you have an idea?

PS/ I just start to working with QlikView ..


Hi kmegzari,

You can try the aggr()-function as an expression, or you can make a new table (in the script) that is already aggregated and use that.


Load MyMonth,

Count(Applications) as Applications_count

From Table1;

Regards, Janneke.