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QlikView Dashboard appearance differs between personal edition and web server

Hello QlikView Community,

I've come across a rather interesting problem and hoping someone may have experienced something similar.

Here's the situation. We are developing a dashboard for a hospital and a big piece of this is we assign a grade to each hospital department for their performace. We have created a 2 charts that help visualize this. The one on the right is a ranking of the departments (F to A) and in the left chart, the bubble size represents Open Balance of Accounts in the Department with the grade along the Y-axis.

The issue I'm facing is, the view in my Qlikview Personal edition for which I do the development (the bottom view) is not the same as the view once it is posted to the web server (the top view). *see attached for a visual

Has anyone seen this type of behavior between development and web server before? Does anyone know if there is a setting in QlikView that I need to change or some particular function that works in development but not on the web? I'm using QlikView 11.20 SR.

Any insight would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks all,


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Hi Alex, the Web View is not always the same at the desktop view, something that will help you assimilate is to use the grid View "Ctrl + G" this mode shows you the real dimension from objects.  combine it with "turn off/on web view" in desktop to do your design much better

The IE plugin View is so similar than Desktop View.

I hope it helps.


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Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the idea. I'll definitely use that in the future but for the time being it doesn't really help my issue. The layout looks fine, it's the actual content that is changing. If you look at the screen shots below, the actual grades are changing from what it looks like on my desktop (bottom picture) to what it looks like on our client server (top picture).