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QlikView Desktop: ODBC ISSUE

Hi everyone,

have you ever reported some issue with ODBC on QlikView Desktop installed on Win10?

I'm upgrading a QlikView Server from 11.20 to 12.40; with Server no problem reported, but when i upgrade Qlikview Desktop on notebook with Win10 I report an issue when I try to connect to an ODBC Source.

When I try to connect to an ODBC source the client takes very long time to respond, and it doesn't show me the list of ODBC Sources created.

I'm installing QlikView Desktop - April 2019 (12.40).

Any Ideas to solve that?

Thanks in advance

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

The only thing coming to mind here is something in the Desktop Settings.ini is not happy.  If possible, I would recommend renaming the existing one and let that recreate and see what that does.  You may have to do a bit of reconfiguration etc., but if that fixes the issue for you... 🙂

You want to look for that Settings.ini in the following path:


Just let me know how things go, and I can maybe think of something else if this does not work.  I checked 12.40 SR1 release notes, there were no fixes mentioned there for anything like this either, so I think this is the best thing to try first.


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