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Creator III
Creator III

Qlikview Bar chart


I'm having a grouped bar chart having field count based on the source and destination format as below,


In this chart the customer 'Cargosmart' has one mapping and it's showing the exact count for source and destination that I need.

But some customers also having two mappings as shown below,


In this chart it shows the count for two mappings but the field count is wrong. When I select message format individually, it is showing the correct value as shown below,



It adds those two values (119 + 61) = 180

Plz help me guys on how to split the count for those two mappings in the bar chart. I have forwarded the sample data and QVW file below.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

I think you need to add logic where MessageFormat=[Destination Format] for your chart.

I would probably add another flag in the script something like:

if(MessageFormat=[Destination Format],-1,0) as DestMatch

Then in your chart your expression for Destination Format would be: