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Salesforce connector in windows 7 (64bit)


I've installed the QV sales force connector without any errors but when setting up the system dsn, error 193 pops up. (I believe the error is from an invalid driver for the 64bit environment...?) The driver installed is IVOALL22.dll dated 1/11/2010 version

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you,


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Hello Sarah,

Until version 10, drivers must match both QlikView Desktop/Server and operating system architecture. I'm saying something obvious but you may try to access from your QlikView 32 bits (if any) to


and see if that works for you. Likewise, you will not be able to access to 32 bits from a QlikView X64.

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Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we don't have QV server, it's just a stand alone QV 9 sr6 install on a win 7 64bit environment. Upgrading to QV10 isn't an option since there is a bug when connecting to Intersystems Cache db 2007.

Shouldn't the connector run as a 32bit app in my environment?

Thank you!



If you already downloaded the 32 bit version then yes. But you also have to work with QlikView Desktop 32 bits to get it working.