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Section Access: OMIT and Reduction, simultaneously?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set security for both rows (Reduction) AND columns (OMIT)?

I'm already using a many-to-many bridge off the Reduction field (as an ID), but have a client who also wants to filter columns. And, I just can't figure out how to get OMIT and reduction to work in the same Section Access table. Will it take two tables?



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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

This seems to be a common issue. Of course Section Access can be used to reduce the rows but the columns are a little trickier.

My solution in the past has been to use...Section Access. Instead of using SA against the data set alone I use it against a mapping table (from Excel) that can either be a data island or linked to the main data via the SA dimension. The mapping table has a row per SA dimension: so after SA has reduced the data we're left with a single row in the mapping table. The columns in the mapping contain '1' or '0' and are headed accordingly for each column you wish to hide.

In the object you wish to implement the exclusion enter a conditional show on the relevant column under the 'Presentation' tab say =SecretDataShow=1, if the remaining mapping row has a 1 in the column 'SecretDataShow' then the column will be visible.

This solution is about as painless as it gets as by it's very nature SA and data/column exclusion is a fiddly business: especially in a large scale deployment.

Hope that helps,

(Apologies for the scrappy style the was posted from my phone on a fast moving train!?)

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd