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Section Access with Binary Load?

Hi All,

I have couple of doubts regarding section access and table viewer?

1. Can section access be transfered through Bianry load?If so How?

2. If we load some table through resident load . Can the fields/tables be shown in table viewer?


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1. A binary statement will load the access as well as the data parts of a document.

2. All tables in your data model should show up in the table viewer, regardless the data source.

When using a resident LOAD with transferring all fields, like


take care that this will auto-concatenate to the resident table Table.

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Thanks Swuehl.

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Can you overwrite the section access?

lets say i have Source Doc.QVW with section access where user A has USER1 has USER access

I create a new doc.QVD with Binary Load Source Doc.QVW and here i reduce my data

and so i want USER1 to have ADMIN access since data is already reduced.

(We dont have publisher and doing a section access data reduction is taking a while so i am doing this as a work around instead of duplicating the data model)

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi Janet,

You can overwrite the section access after a binary laod. The rule is : qvw inherit section access from the binary load but if you build a new section access in the calling qvw this will override rights defined in the binary, that's why you have the option "prohibit binary load" in order to avoid a user to do a binary and rewrite the Section Access.

Then in you new qvw do :

BINARY SourceDoc.Qvw;

Section Access;


Section Application;


and check "prohibit binary load " in the Document Properties\Opening tab.



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Hi Vaneet,

1.I am not sure, not possible to transferred Can section access through Binary load. Please cross check it one time. Both are separate document.

2. You can load some table through resident load, You Can the view the Table Name and fields Name in Table Viewer.

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Partner - Contributor

It works perfectly.

Thank you Michael!