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Creator II
Creator II

Security Without Section Application

Hi guys,

What will happen if  i use Section Access; but comment the Section Application; line ?

Is Section Application; line must be there ?

Thanks in advance

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Creator III
Creator III

It will not work, section application needs to be there in order for it to be applied,

Be sure to make a backup copy of your QVW before playing around with any section access related changes.


Yes, Section Application line should be there. If you are adding section access then there should be some thing on which you are going to apply that security.


It's a bit more nuanced than that.

The Section Application; statement doesn't have to be present if...

  • you're not using the Section Access; statement. Section Application; is the default at the start of your script, even in the hidden script.
  • the Section Access; statement appears near to the end of your script, and there are are no more regular statements after Section Access; In that case all statements appearing before the Seciton Access; statement are parked in an "implicit" Section Application; area because that's the default area at the start of your Load scirpt.

Section Application - being the default at script start - is usually omitted altogether from scripts without security.

Scripts that have only Section Access; won't do many useful things (if any at all) because your document will end up without a data model... But I can imagine that a document with just a series of buttons that pass control to other documents (document chaning) won't need a data model and will do just fine with only a Section Access; statement