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Server side macro

Hey hi guys,
I'm trying to run a little batch file via macro, and it works just fine... BUT it doesn't when running server side...

sub launchbatPlain
Set objshell = createobject("Wscript.Shell")
sCmd = Chr(34) & "C:\batch.bat " & Chr(34)
objshell.Run(sCmd), 0, False
end sub

We use the IE Plugin, how could I make the macro run server side instead of client side, e.g. running the batch file located on the server C driver, not the user C drive.

Thanks a bunch!

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try using the PsExec instead of Run for details please see


Hope this helps


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

[quote user="Nicolas Dubé"]running the batch file located on the server C driver, not the user C drive

Does the batch file need to actually *execute* on the server, or can you run on the client but use a UNC path -- \\server\folder\batch.bat -- to point to the file on the server.


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I once had the same problem due to the fact that we don't have the publisher enterprise, but the standard edtion.

The only solution I found was the following:

- Creating a dummy file server side with serversideexport (s. manual/API)

- Running a script/ program which observes the folder all the time and which executes your batch in case of a filled folder

- Delete the file

But maybe s.o. knows a better solution...

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Rob, well yes, it actually has to RUN on the server since the batch file uses a special program that we don't want to install client side. That's the real itching point here.

DW, that's a concept, thanks for the idea, this might work as a last resort, but a more straightforward solution would be appreciated here, since this is tied up to the end user response time.


Any luck with this? I'm looking for a serverside macro as well.


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Nopte, not on my side, we've swtich to a workarround solution instead (OpenURL).

But still, comments on the topic at hands are very much appreciated.