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Set Analysis - Compare Sales Amount with Sales Amount year before

Hi all,

I have a question about set analysis.
I have a Pivot Table where I have evaluated my Sales Amount in month and years.
Next I will create another column where I can see my Sales Amount the year before (Sales Amount YB).
In column Sales Amount I have the correct data, but I didn't have the Sale Amount among themselves.
But will compare the actual Sales Amount with my Sales Amount the year before side by side.

(So I need a formula for column "Sales Amount YB")
See an example below.

I tested following example:


But it didn't work.
I hope you can help me.

I'm a beginner in Qlik View, so I don't know Qlik View very well and sorry my englisch is not so good.
Thanks for your help.

2 Replies

I would suggest you to look into

The As-Of Table

Alternatively, you can try with Above()/Below() functions

Below(Sum(SalesAmount), 12)